Fry & Laurie  
BT Customer Care   Thresher   Mercury   Redcare

BT Service – Angus Deayton

Trying to persuade BT personnel to take ownership of customer care. A subject we shall return to…  


Thresher – Fry & Laurie

A couple of sequences from some conference inserts. Fry &  Laurie play 2 off-licence managers. Hugh is from Threshers and Stephen is an independent (and thus deeply foolish).

Mercury SFO

Launching a new computer system to Mercury staff (remember Mercury?, BT’s first competitor). Starring the wonderful Jeff Rawle.

Going Equipped

For BT RedCare Alarms. A guide to various alarm systems from an unusual expert presenter. Won an IVCA Award.

All videos written, directed and edited by Lee Mellows (unless otherwise noted.)

Glaxo   Dualfuel   Barclays   Eastern Electricity


To kick off Glaxo Wellcome’s AGM. Presented by James Coombes. Won an IVCA Award. (not script)

Vauxhall DualFuel

For Vauxhall’s Motor Show stand.

Barclays PWA

Instructing Barclays counter staff. The style owes a little to the ‘Spaced’ TV show (i.e. I nicked it).

Eastern Elec. Green Power

From a staff video magazine. Talking about Eastern’s plans to use renewables. Won an IVCA Award