TES   Round Peg   Mike Perrett   Powergen

Traffic Enforcement Systems

Smartcars are watching you! Self-produced for a local company.   

Round Pegs

For the Dept. of Work & Pensions about a new system of categorising jobs in employment agencies.

Mike Parrett Promo

I've made a lot of programmes with Mike, who is the UK’s leading Building Pathologist. This is part of a promo for a series we did.


Video for staff explaining Powergen’s efforts to be greener. James Coombes presenting again. (not script)

All videos written, directed and edited by Lee Mellows (unless otherwise noted.)

What's your Job   Big Picture   Dolphin   OSI

What’s your Job?

Still trying to get BT staff to up their service. Mildly indebted to the Fast Show. The presenter is Chris Rowe. Brilliant!

The Big Picture

For a billboard advertising company. Shot it myself in a day armed only with a DV camera and a Travelcard

Dolphin Bathrooms

TV Commercial for Dolphin. Shot in a hanger in Wolverhampton where they train their fitters.

(not script)



Back in the ‘80s, computers were rubbish. OSI was supposed to sort that out. Shot in Boston. Features the dulcet tones of Tom Baker.