Boddington's Gold   Heineken Export   Murphys   Hale & Pace

Boddington’s Gold

Made to launch the new Beer to the sales force, before the TV ads had been commissioned. When the ads were made, they looked just like our video. Strange that...  

Heineken Export

Paul Ross in Amsterdam. Now that was a shoot.

Murphys Irish Stout

Trying to get publicans in the UK to pour Murphys stout properly. Filmed in Cork with the lad from the TV ads, Gerard Rooney.

Thresher  - Hale & Pace

A couple of clips from some conference inserts.

All videos written, directed and edited by Lee Mellows (unless otherwise noted.)

Prestige Bakeware   Mars Passion   McKinsey   BT Videoconferencing

Prestige Bakeware

An in-store video. The title shot was done with milk and a motion control rig.

Mars ‘Passion’

Conference opener. Wordless for a Global audience. Shows 3 staff members being ‘passionate’ both inside and outside work.

McKinsey – The Pages of Fear

Discussing how McKinsey consultants should deal with the press.

BT Videoconferencing

One from the vaults. Really pushing the early ‘80s visual effects envelope here. Presented by Jeremy Bullock.